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Protecting your Privacy Policy (PPP)

While you enjoy the benefits of being part of TRipples, your privacy should be protected. Thus, our Protecting your Privacy Policy or PPP has been created. It details out how committed we are in protecting your privacy. It also describes scenarios when and how information about you, as a user of our Service, is collected and disclosed.

By signing in, you will be able to use our service and when you use our Service, you give TRipples consent in collecting, storing, transmitting, and disclosing, among others, your information as described in this PPP.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Personally Identifiable Information or PII, as defined by Wikipedia, is "information that can be used on its own or with other information to identify, contact, or locate a single person, or to identify an individual in context."

TRipples collects and uses specific PII in order for us to provide you the full benefits of using our services and products.

  1. Sign Up

    When you sign up on TRipples, you will provide information such as your User Name, Email Address, and Password. The User Name you choose is, by default, publicly shown on TRipples, including on your Profile Page and in search results. We encourage you (and other Ripplers) to use your real name for us to verify the veracity of your account and prevent users from having multiple accounts.
  2. Profile Page

    Your Profile Page is public. Search Engines, businesses, and third parties, among others may crawl it, cache it, and view it. Thus, enter only the information you want to share with the world. You can always remove or change the information you have entered by editing your My Profile Page. However, Tripples would need or require certain information as requirements for enjoying the full benefits of being a Rippler. The sections below present the types of information we would need to facilitate smooth and hassle-free transactions with you.
    1. Demographic Information

      Tripples may need some demographic information about you and this includes Full Name, Last Name, Gender, Date of Birth, and Address (from province to street information) and Contact Number. This information shall be used by the system to show you age-appropriate and demographically-relevant Campaigns. Moreover, this would be needed to confirm the veracity of the person behind the account holder, especially when paying cash and or giving cool rewards. Specifically, the address would be needed when cashing out so that Tripples would know where to send the money (through various express money transfer channels) just in case the Rippler does not have any bank account yet. Moreover, entering your phone number is optional. However, it may be needed, though, to contact you via telephone, if you wish to, regarding support requests, account suspension, cashing out, or collecting prizes won.
    2. Bank Details

      Upon your request to cash out your earnings from TRipples, we shall collect information for the system to transfer your earnings into cash, which is directly transferred to the bank account that you have specified. This information is deemed confidential by TRipples and will never be made public. This information includes: Bank Name, Bank Account Number, and Bank Account Holder’s Name. A phone number is needed to contact you or the bank account holder should the need arise to quickly resolve issues related to the transfer process. This cash out information is then transferred to the bank of your choice for the bank to verify and deposit the cash we're transferring to you.
    3. Identity Validation

      You may also provide other information such as Profile Photo, Valid ID, and ID Picture. This information will help us validate your age and address for us to come up with age-specific and demographic-specific campaigns. Moreover, said information will help us validate the identity of the Ripplers, especially during Cash Out. The intention is to prevent Ripplers from “Gaming” or having multiple accounts enrolled in our system. Consequently, Tripples could save money and allocate this saving to other Ripplers who might need it most instead.
  3. Inviting Friends

    You may choose to invite your friends by an invite email that is automatically sent from us to your friends when you provide us their email addresses. If your friends choose to join the Ripplers Community as a result of your invite, they will have to manually input the information on their own. Then, they have to earn at least four pesos (₱4.00) from sharing at least two campaigns at two pesos (₱2.00) each Unique Visit (UV) per campaign. Once this happens, your referral becomes successful. In short, Successful Referral means any referee earning four pesos (₱4.00) gained by sharing two (2) campaigns and earning two pesos (₱2.00) each Unique Visit (UV) per campaign.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information

  1. Aggregate Demographic Data

    Aggregate demographic data may be shared with our Dripplers (clients) and other partners to give them a bird’s eye view of who our Ripplers are. Said data may be used solely for developing/crafting campaigns that are age or gender-centric, demographically-focused, or based on certain Rippler profile.
  2. Log Data and Unique Visit Monitoring

    When you use the Tripples, our servers record information (“Log Data”) such as your IP address, browser type, operating system, the referring web page, pages visited, location, and cookie information. This information is not and never will be linked back to you in any way that makes it possible to identify you. Your Log Data are received when you interact with us: Signing in to our website; interacting with or responding to our Email notifications; and interacting with us through our Private Messaging platform, among others. Moreover, your Log Data, together with Unique Visit Monitoring System are stringently tracked by our Technical Team to prevent fake traffic, gaming, and other unscrupulous online activities. This is our way of ensuring quality service to our Dripplers or clients and to our Rippler online community by rewarding only those who are eligible and honest.


We use cookies on our website to:

  • Provide a faster and safer experience for our Ripplers; and
  • Ensure authenticity of UVs to consequently calculate your earnings and rewards properly

Usage of our cookies falls into the following categories:

  • Authentication

    These cookies tell the system when you're logged in to the site, so we can show you the content available to you as a Signed-In user.
  • Preference

    These cookies store your preferences about our site, for you to have a meaningful, personalised experience as a TRipples user, including relevant news content and Specials. You may also choose to have your username and password remembered when signing in for a faster sign in process.
  • Performance

    These cookies store information that allow certain features on our site to work faster on your browser, such as allowing pages you have seen to be loaded faster.
  • Analytics

    These cookies provide analytics on how you use our site so we can provide a better user experience for you. Measuring this data will help us to continuously improve our service to you.
  • Security

    These cookies help us to keep our community clean and fair for all users, to prevent fake traffic from being generated and rewarded, to encourage fair use of our services, and to apportion rewards and earnings accurately to users who do not violate our Terms of Use.

  • Google Analytics

    This third-party service is used to help us track the usage metrics of our site. Cookies from Google Analytics may be stored in your browser. Their privacy policy is available here:
  • Tawkto

    This third-party service is used to provide you with real-time customer support. When you see the "Ask Us" button at the corner of your site, you would know that it is our Private Messaging System, which is by Tawkto. Cookies from Tawkto may be stored on your browser.
  • Webmail

    This third-party service is used to facilitate our communication with our clients (Dripplers) and users (Ripplers). We shall receive Emails regarding client and user inquiries and at the same time send important updates and announcements direct to your Inbox provided upon sign up. Cookies from Webmail may be stored in your browser to track information such as how long it takes to load a page.

TRipples will never share any PII with these third party service providers.

Use and Disclosure of the Information We Receive

Personal information that we collect, store, transmit and disclose shall be used to:

  • Build a community of Filipinos who care for Man, Money and Mother Earth;
  • Present demographic aggregates to clients whose campaigns are running on our platform
  • Reach you for customer support and resolve issues
  • Send you informational material related to our Services
  • Award Cash and Gift rewards accurately to users who do not violate our Terms of Use
  • Cash out money to users upon user requests
  • Prevent fraud and to address security issues
  • Show relevant customised news content and Campaigns
  • Increase site performance and speed
  • Test, research and analyse data for service improvement
  • Enforce compliance with our Terms and Use and applicable laws

Changes to this Policy

We may revise this PPP from time to time. If in any case we make changes to this policy that we think are substantial, we will notify you via email. By continuing to access or use our services/platform after those changes become effective, you agree to be bound by the revised Privacy Policy.

Want to Know More?

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