Creating Ripple Effects

OBB - The Context

Oplan Big Bro COVID-19 has caused tremendous negative impacts on the society. In the Philippines,thousands of businesses have shut down, millions of Filipinos have lost their jobs, and everyone has limited movement and stayed home.

More than 26,400* MSMEs have closed and most of them do not have the capacity to go digital. They need your help. Be their Big Bro - someone who takes the yoke of Small Bros and eases their burden in these trying times.

7M Filipinos lost their jobs since lockdown (GMA News 24 Oras) while 196,000* Filipinos experienced income decline. They need your help for them to earn a living.



*NEDA We Recover As One Report , 2020

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OBB - The Response

TRipples has launched a campaign called, “Oplan Big Bro" or OBB.

OBB is our strategic fundraising campaign to fight COVID 19 by helping revive shut down businesses to go digital and create a more massive alternative income stream for those who have lost their jobs.

It aims to encourage the Big Bros (Brands, Government Agencies, Individuals and Philanthropists) to help the Small Bros (MSMEs and Ripplers (TRipples’ Online Community)) in moving towards digital operations by donating Pay-It-Forward Packages for MSMEs and providing income thru online means for the Ripplers, respectively.

OBB - The Mechanics

Big Bros will buy a Premier Digital Marketing Package for its company that comes with a CSR or Pay forward package for TRipples to develop a Basic Digital Marketing Package for the Small Bros.

On the other hand, MSME Small Bros shall Pay-It-Forward by providing discounts, vouchers, or items for the benefit of the simple Juan dela Cruz who comprised TRipples' online community also known as Rippler Small Bros.

Rippler Small Bros promoting the campaigns of the Big Bros and MSME Small Bros shall be compensated with cash, items, vouchers, discounts, etc.

OBB Philosophy

Digital Marketing is the New Normal Advertising Strategy

"Hitting-2-Birds-with-1-Stone" strategy where it will provide quality services to the Big Bros according to their needs while at the same time provide CSR platform for them to help MSME and Rippler Small Bros.

MSMEs MUST Go Digital

We will create the appropriate digital marketing initiatives for each MSME Small Bro beneficiary. It aims to help them sell their products and services online and if possible accept payments online as well.

Community Empowerment

We compensate our online community with money, items or vouchers when they share all their campaigns online using their social media accounts. Thus, a simple Juan dela Cruz can earn those cool rewards via word of mouth advertising using their social media accounts.

Cash incentives will be coming from the participating Big Bros paving way for the channeling of resources to millions of Juan dela Cruz instead of using it for paying big agencies like FB and celebrities. Items and vouchers, on the other hand, will be coming from the recipient MSME Small Bros.

OBB - The Expected Outcome

OBB will create positive ripple effects by turning the negative impacts caused by COVID-19 into opportunities to create a Pay-It-Forward culture in the Philippine society amidst the crisis.