Creating Ripple Effects

Oplan Big Bro (OBB)

It is our strategic fundraising campaign to fight COVID 19 by helping revive shut down businesses to go digital and create a more massive alternative income stream for those who have lost their jobs.

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Earn cash, rewards, and points while creating ripples!

As an Individual, be part of the community who earns cash, rewards and points while making positive ripple effects

Do Good for Mankind
and Mother Earth

Develop contents (headlines, blogs, videos, etc.) that will inspire people to love humanity and our planet.

Spread or Ripple

Make interesting campaigns known to your friends by spreading or rippling them in your network.

Avail of Cash and
Cool Rewards

Expect cold cash and rewards (points and cool stuff) when you actively spread campaigns and invite friends to join.

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Create positive ripple effects in the society with us.

Get Noticed

Be Visible. Let your target customers know that you exist. Let them know your products, services and campaigns.

Increase Traffic

Drive your target customers to your preferred online landing page (website or other social media channels).

Generate Insights

Gain understanding of your customer’s profile and behavior.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope these topics could help you understand us further.

What is TRipples?

TRipples is Philippine’s digital marketing company that creates positive ripple effects. It is God’s business. We believe and live by the fact that everything came and comes from Him and so, we remember Him and dedicate to Him this business. Deuteronomy 8:18a states that, “You shall remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you power to get wealth”.

What is a Ripple?

A Ripple (Verb) – It means to form a wave; in other words, make known to others or tell or share

What is a Ripple Effect?

A Ripple Effect is a situation in which one event causes a series of other events to happen (Webster). It is the effect caused by a single action/event.

TRipples, as the name suggests, wants to create ripple effects for humanity, businesses, and Mother Earth.

What is a DRippler?

DRippler is the term we use for a brand or any organizational entity (whether for-profit, social enterprise or non-profit) that believes in us and in what we do.

DRipplers, in its plural form, are the brands and organizational entities who create positive ripple effects with us. They are the community who believes that we are more than just a business but a business with a GREAT purpose.

What is a Rippler?

Rippler is the term we use for a person who signed up in our platform (TRipples) and is dedicated to share campaigns while earning cash, rewards or points.

Ripplers, in its plural form, are the people who form the community of social media influencers, bloggers, vloggers, photographers, videographers and ordinary Juan dela Cruz who are empowered to serve as TRipples’ driving force.

Every Filipino can be part of this community. Sign up here to be a RIPPLER.

What is a Campaign?

A Campaign is any advertisement (brand promos, product launch, events, etc.) and advocacies/causes (tree planting, fund raising, blood donation, etc.) hosted and shared in TRipples’ platform and promoted by the Ripplers. There are 2 Types of Campaign: one is “Cash Campaign” and the other is “Non-Cash Campaign

What is a Cash Campaign?

A Cash Campaign is a campaign that uses cash to compensate Ripplers who will share or ripple or repost such campaigns in their social media accounts. Usually, brands coming from our DRippler Community are the ones hosting Cash Campaigns

What is Non-Cash Campaign?

A Non-Cash Campaign uses non-cash items to compensate the Ripplers. These may be in the form of rewards (items such as solar kits, gadgets, travel essentials and accessories, etc.) or points. Accumulated points may be converted into items, depending on availability.

What is a Referral?

A Referral is an act of inviting a friend to join TRipples by signing up through a link that is unique to the person inviting. That is a Rippler’s URL or Unique Referral Link.

TRipples will compensate Ripplers who have successfully referred a friend.

How to Earn Money, Rewards and Points?


  1. There are two Types of Campaigns: Cash and Non-Cash Campaigns.
  2. Earn money when you share Cash Campaigns. Earn rewards and points when you share Non-Cash Campaigns.


  1. Invite your family and friends to sign-up on Tripples using your Referral Link.
  2. Earn Php 2 for every successful friend referral. It means the friend you invited not only clicked your link, but also signed up.

Claiming your Cash

Each Rippler is given an exclusive cash account called “My Wallet” upon sign up.

Once a Rippler has reached a minimum amount of PHP 300, he or she would be eligible for encashment request. Request could be done either thru Chat Message or email at:

The channels for money transfer would either be BDO Online Transfer, Gcash, Face to face within UPLB Area or Palawan Padala.

The whole encashment process, upon receipt of the request, may take 2 weeks to allow for our Tech Team to validate whether the clicks are unique or not and for the Finance Team to process the transfer of money accordingly.

Claiming your Rewards and Points

Each Rippler is given an exclusive points account called “My Points” upon sign up.

TRipples also boasts on its Rewards Store. It is a place where you can find the cool rewards that are literally in store for you.

Items at the Rewards Store have equivalent points. Once you reach the equivalent point per item, you will be eligible to claim said item. Request could be done either thru Chat Message or email at:

The whole redemption process, upon receipt of the request, may take 2-3 weeks to allow for our Tech Team to validate whether the clicks are unique or not and for the Finance and Logistics Teams to arrange for the shipping of the item.

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