Creating Ripple Effects

Who we are

TRipples is God’s business. It is because we believe and live by the fact that everything came and comes from Him and so, we remember Him and dedicate to Him this business. Deuteronomy 8:18a states that, “You shall remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you power to get wealth”.

TRipples is the first and one of its kind digital marketing company in the Philippines. “The first and the largest online community in the Philippines for spreading campaigns” is one of its taglines because it is the pioneer in Cost per Click (CPC) acquisition technology that drives traffic to a particular landing URL using various social media channels...

The name TRipples came about by combining the prefix “Tri”, which means 3 and the word, “Ripples”.

The prefix came from the Triple Bottom Line Concept, which companies nowadays, look into their operations and these bottom lines relate to Social, Economic and Environmental aspects, which form shape the central themes of Sustainable Development.

The Social aspects care about humanity, particularly Filipinos from different walks of life by lifting their spirits through information and compensating them with monetary and material rewards. They are treated as the driving force or machinery in spreading campaigns. We call this People Power Broadcasting.

The Economic aspects, on the other hand, care about the businesses which are considered the economic drivers of the country. TRipples help them to be more productive and profitable by promoting their products, services as well as causes.

Lastly, Environmental aspects have got to do with preserving and protecting Mother Earth. TRipples supports environmental causes in any way it can. Having said these, TRipples takes pride in claiming its second tagline, “It is where people who care for Man, Money and Mother Earth meet”.

On the other hand, the word “Ripples” came to being as Word of Mouth Advertising is the heart of TRipples. It is likened to a single droplet of water landing on a body of water creating a Ripple Effect.

Recognizing its vast potential, the company has expanded its range of services. In the near future, TRipples will evolve from merely driving traffic to landing URLs to becoming the “Jack of all Trades” digital marketing company.

Thus, putting them together, the men and women behind this company put up said business to make positive ripple effects in the Philippine society in social, economic and environmental aspects.

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What we dream

TRipples dreams of becoming the world’s most influential digital marketing company by constantly creating positive ripple effects for humanity, businesses, and the society.

We believe that “man does not live by bread alone” (Matthew 4:4). Thus, we don’t dream of becoming big alone. We grow together. Most importantly, we add value to our existence by spreading the Word of God and His love.

Why we exist

TRipples exists to create positive ripple effects for humanity, businesses and the society by connecting the hearts of the brands and non-profits with that of the customers and audiences.

We exist for humanity. Thus, we compensate our online community with cash and rewards (gift items, vouchers, and points).

We exist for brands and SMEs. Understanding what is in their heart, we design, create and deliver quality services to connect with their target customers.

We exist for the non-profit organizations. We help them promote their advocacies, may it be humanitarian or environmental causes and it is FREE!.